Did Jakeem Grant Just Run the Fastest 40 Ever?


" Jakeem. Grant. 4⃣.3⃣4⃣ ?? #WreckEm pic.twitter.com/75qegGn4eT — Texas Tech Athletics (@TechAthletics) March 11, 2016 "

Jakeem Grant didn’t get an invite to the NFL combine so he had to showcase his talent for scouts down in Lubbock. The former Texas Tech wide receiver turned in a blistering 4.34 40-yard dash, according to the university.

While that’s low number, it’s almost a quarter second slower than what one NFL scout clocked him at.

A 4.10. That would obliterate Chris Johnson’s combine record of 4.24. Bo Jackson’s 4.12 run in 1986 is considered a dubious number and therefore not usually held up as the standard.

So, yeah, forgive us if we’re a bit skeptical Grant truly turned in a 4.10. Let’s agree to agree that he’s very, very fast.