Did ESPN's Adam Schefter Know About the Carson Palmer Deal Monday Night, But Not Report It? [UPDATE]

By Jason McIntyre

How or why the CEO of RockLive would know about the Palmer-to-Oakland deal is a mystery – and how would Shahidi know that Schefter knew? – but perhaps Adam Schefter will shed some light on the situation.

[UPDATE: As commenters pointed out, Jordan Palmer and John Shahidi went to high school together and are partners in the Iphone APP business. How/why they’d ask Schefter to sit on the story and protect Carson Palmer remains a mystery.]

It’s a pretty surprising allegation, but I’m sure Schefter has a reason he sat on this story. What’s he “protecting” Palmer and the Raiders from? And why’s he protecting Palmer and the Raiders in the first place? Surely this post will be updated.

[UPDATE, 4:09 pm: ESPN released a statement about this kerfuffle: “We were pursing the story aggressively yet felt there wasn’t enough confirmed information as of last night to report it. The suggestion that it wasn’t reported to protect anyone involved, including Carson Palmer, is simply wrong.” I look forward to ESPN’s use of decorum in the future when it comes to reporting trades.]

[H/T Dan Wolken; Cad Chica for Rice and Schefter screen grab via Timmy Ryan]