Did ESPN College Basketball Anchor Ryan Burr Recruit Nerlens Noel For Syracuse?

By Ty Duffy

Ryan Burr, host of ESPN’s College Basketball Final, is now recruiting for Syracuse or coming very, very close to it. The Syracuse grad sent a “Message 2 Nerelins Noel,” the nation’s No. 1 recruit, on twitter asking him how he would “like to be in the middle of the zone” with Fab Melo now turning pro.

He didn’t send a message to Nerlens Noel. The tweet seemed to be rhetorical. However, there are possible NCAA issues stemming from this if he is defined as a booster and the tweet is deemed to have “made contact” with Noel. At the very least, this could have been phrased far less provocatively.

Media-wise just rooting for a team publicly would rankle some of the more ethically obsessed. Encouraging a recruit to sign with your school goes far beyond that.