Did a Pats Fan Slash Gregg Doyel's Tire?


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Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel is this week’s Pigsplosion podcast guest. We started off by talking about the reeling Colts. What the hell is going on with Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson? How much blame can we assign Andrew Luck, as he discussed in his postgame article? Are Frank Gore and Andre Johnson finished? Is this salvageable?

Later, we talked Deflategate. We asked if, given what we know now, he wishes he wrote his columns differently. After answering that, Doyel revealed that one of his tires was slashed less than a day after publishing one of his strongest pieces on that topic. While he can’t be certain about what happened, he has suspicions. Beyond that one incident, though, he understands that Patriots fans are passionate and taking care of their “family,” something anyone would do.

After talking to Doyel, we discussed the conspiracy theory that the Vikings mounted a smear campaign on their (former) mascot Ragnar, whether the NFL rigged its early season schedule to manufacture drama, and whether the Bears would be smarter to start a player like Tim Tebow over a failed pocket passer like Jimmy Clausen, among our discussions of the games and picks for this week.

Washington @ NY Giants (-4)

Ryan: Giants
Jason: Washington

Pittsburgh @ St. Louis (+2)

Ryan: Pittsburgh
Jason: Pittsburgh

San Diego @ Minnesota (-2.5)

Ryan: San Diego
Jason: Minnesota

Tampa Bay @ Houston (-6.5)

Ryan: Tampa Bay
Jason: Houston

Philadelphia @ NY Jets (-2.5)

Ryan: Philadelphia
Jason: Philadelphia

Jacksonville @ New England (-14)

Ryan: Jacksonville
Jason: Jacksonville

New Orleans @ Carolina (-7)

Ryan: New Orleans
Jason: New Orleans

Cincinnati @ Baltimore (-2.5)

Ryan: Baltimore
Jason: Cincinnati

Oakland @ Cleveland (-3.5)

Ryan: Oakland
Jason: Oakland

Indianapolis @ Tennessee (+3.5)

Ryan: Indianapolis
Jason: Indianapolis

Atlanta @ Dallas (+2.5)

Ryan: Atlanta
Jason: Dallas

San Francisco @ Arizona (-7)

Ryan: San Francisco
Jason: San Francisco

Chicago @ Seattle (-14.5)

Ryan: Seattle
Jason: Seattle

Buffalo @ Miami (-3)

Ryan: Buffalo
Jason: Buffalo

Denver (-3) @ Detroit

Ryan: Denver
Jason: Detroit

Kansas City @ Green Bay (-7)

Ryan: Green Bay
Jason: Kansas City


Top 5 Picks

Ryan: Eagles, Colts, Bucs, Seahawks, Falcons

Jason: Vikings, Bills, Eagles, Jaguars, Colts


Last week: Ryan (7-8, 2-3 Top 5), Jason (9-6, 4-1 Top 5)

Season to Date: Ryan (14-16-1, 4-5-1 Top 5), Jason (22-8-1, 9-1 Top 5)


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