Dick Vitale Went Berserk About Murray State Not Making NCAA Tournament


Dick Vitale delivered his annual “My heart bleeds for ______” rant about the mid-major darling that got snubbed, and this year’s subject was Murray State, who won 25 games in a row in a stretch but was passed over by the selection committee. Vitale reasoned that Murray State didn’t play (or beat) enough good teams because the big bad power conferences won’t schedule them (possibly true). Despite their win streak, Jay Bilas didn’t think the Racers belonged in the tournament (our site’s Jason Lisk wrote earlier this week that their loss to Belmont would probably do them in).

When Bilas finished his rebuttal, Vitale started yelling again before acknowledging that, Lord willing, he’ll be back in the same seat next year taking up the cause of yet another forsaken underdog.