Dick Butkus Rips Chicago Bears Offensive Line, Coach Matt Nagy and the Front Office

Wild Card Round - Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears
Wild Card Round - Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Dick Butkus is fed up with his beloved Chicago Bears. The Hall of Famer was a guest on FanSided's "Stacking the Box" and hosts Mark Carman and Matt Verderame ask for his thoughts on his former team. Butkus did not disappoint, as few were spared his wrath.

Butkus opened by saying the Bears were "going to kill" quarterback Justin Fields and that the team's offensive line should be arrested for attempted murder. He didn't stop there. Butkus went on to blast the team's cornerbacks, then said the front office "should be doing some drastic things," before claiming he had "no comment" about the team's general manager (Ryan Pace) and head coach (Matt Nagy).

Here's the segment in all of its glory:

Whew that's something. When a beloved Hall of Famer from your franchise is laying that kind of brutal assessment down, it's time to make some changes. Will the Bears do that? We'll see.