Dianna Russini Bids Farewell to ESPN as She Heads to The Athletic

Dianna Russini
Dianna Russini / Amy Sussman/GettyImages

For the last eight years Dianna Russini has been one of the prominent faces of ESPN's NFL coverage. Earlier this month, though, reports emerged that Russini would be leaving the Worldwide Leader to go to The Athletic. Monday was her first day there, and Russini bid farewell to ESPN by sending out a goodbye message on Twitter or X or whatever you want to call it.

She also wrote an introductory article on The Athletic featuring a lot of advice from Bill Parcells.

Russini's talents are a tough loss for ESPN. She was one of their more versatile NFL reporters, tasked with regular on-site work and various on-camera hits on Sunday mornings. She was capable of smoothly transitioning into the studio during the week and the offseason. This year feels like a particularly tough time for the four-letter network to lose her given her connections within the New York Jets, now the most interesting team in the league after acquiring Aaron Rodgers; Russini has been at the forefront of their reporting on Gang Green during training camp. Now she'll be doing it for another company.

Russini won't be found on television any longer and what her role will be at The Athletic outside of NFL news-breaking is still unclear. But ESPN will definitely miss her.