Unusual Message on Diamondbacks' Scoreboard Asks Alexandria W. to 'Keep Fighting For Us'

Christian Petersen/GettyImages

After a decade and a half in the blog game, it's refreshing to know there are some still some things that can come across the desk on a Friday morning presenting a challenge in deciding where to start with this one. Last night the San Diego Padres came into Chase Field and took down the Arizona Diamondbacks, 7-5, but the game result was not the major topic of discussion on the rides home. That honor went to a perplexing, haunting, yet somewhat sweet and beautiful message that flashed on the Jumbotron imploring Alexandria W. to keep on fighting for us.

This last-ditch Hail Mary was presented by Cold Stone Creamery and likely keyed into a system by an employee who had to check a few times just to make sure they had everything correct.

Now, obviously, there are the jokes. But man, I really hope there's a happy ending here as long as the person begging for Alexandria W. to give them another chance didn't do something horrible. Love is hard and love is fickle and sometimes it takes a grand gesture like making a direct plea in front of 16,734 paying costumers. Few would have the bravery, self-awareness, and initiative required to make something like this happen.

On the other hand, if you were Alexandria W. or knew who Alexandria W. is, those final innings were probably a bit awkward. One imagines it's not like a proposal where there's an immediate yes or no answer. And really, the person asking knew that and had the foresight to use a question mark. Because it's the type of query that requires going home and having a long think about it.

Hoping for a positive update, if only because this feels like a How I Met Your Mother episode come to life. For sure something from the Ted Mosby playbook.