Dez Bryant Was NOT Arrested This Morning, Despite What Omar Kelly Said (It Was Desmond Bryant of the Raiders)

By Jason Lisk

Contrary to what you may have seen this morning, Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys was not arrested last night in Miami. Where did this come from? Well, Omar Kelly posted this in the last half hour, and it already has over 200 re-tweets on Twitter.

Up and coming sports bloggers will likely draw the blame again. This isn’t just an “unnamed sources” about a smokescreen for the draft. Dez Bryant has a reputation, and is an easy target. If you are going to go public with a statement like this, you better be a little further along. I know Twitter is for jokes and rumors, but on legal issues and death, maybe we should confirm.

As it turns out, the person in question is Desmond Bryant of the Raiders according to Michael David Smith, who has a different birth date, height and weight than Dez Bryant of the Cowboys. That would have required doing some leg work upon hearing that a Desmond Bryant came across the blotter.

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]