Dez Bryant's Girlfriend Was Reportedly Dragged into a Car by Someone, in a 2011 Wal-Mart Parking Lot Incident


As the world waits for news on the Dez Bryant video that may or may not exist, here’s a crumb for the salivating masses: In 2011, something happened in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Texas involving Dez Bryant’s girlfriend, but she disappeared, police showed up, and then she re-appeared with the Cowboys receiver. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network has details:

"A report filed by the Lancaster (Texas) Police Department described the response by an officer to “an unknown disturbance” in a Walmart parking lot during the early morning of July 11. Vehicles registered to Bryant were at the scene in the parking lot, and Bryant later arrived in another car, when he was spoken to by a Lancaster PD officer. Upon further investigation, “it was determined that there was no offense” and “all parties were advised they were free to go.”"

The police report states that someone told a Wal-Mart security guard that a black female (Ilyne Nash, Bryant’s girlfriend) had been “dragged” to another vehicle by a black male. The car from which she was dragged was a 2011 Mercedes registered to Dez Bryant. But when the security guard arrived … nobody was there, just an empty Mercedes with the door open and a “child’s toy” on the ground.

Minutes later, a Cadillac Escalade – also registered to Dez Bryant – pulled up on the scene with two men who say they were called by Bryant’s girlfriend to “pick up the car.” Then police showed up and were puzzled by it all. Then Dez Bryant rolled up in a Bentley, and his girlfriend (Nash) was with him. Nash told police she “was in the parking lot with [a man named] Alex Penson, and had an argument with him. She got into the vehicle with him and left her vehicle in the parking lot.”

It’s all so very confusing. Who is Alex Penson and why was she arguing with him? Where was he? If a child’s toy was found at the scene, does that mean a kid was present for whatever happened? How bad of an argument was it for you to leave the car door open?

Finally, this: Nash told the police she was “not assaulted or injured in any way and it was just an argument with Penson.” She said she was “dropped off at a friend’s house … and she contacted Bryant to pick her up.”

Is this the video everyone’s been breathlessly waiting on? If the Cowboys keep up this thinly-veiled assault on Dez Bryant, eventually, he’s going to gain sympathy from fans and they’re going to realize the smear attempt to prevent him from getting his hands on millions of guaranteed dollars was pretty low rent. (Yes, even if he’s going to make $13 million or whatever in guaranteed money when they franchise tag him.)

Please make it stop.

Hurry up NFL free agent and March Madness, the next two weeks can’t fly by quickly enough.

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