Dez Bryant Foot Injury is a Jones Fracture, Which Ended Kevin Durant's Season

By Jason McIntyre

Dez Bryant suffered a foot injury in the 4th quarter of the Cowboys victory over the Giants on Sunday Night Football, and it’s definitely much worse than previously thought.

Initially, the diagnosis was just 4-6 weeks; today, it has been revealed that it’s not just a broken bone in his foot, but a Jones Fracture, which NBA fans know a lot about. Unfortunately, it’s the foot injury that felled Kevin Durant last year, ending his season.

Last October, the Thunder announced Durant’s injury and said he’d be out 6-8 weeks. He missed about seven weeks. Then he returned, played nine games, and sat out six with an ankle injury. He played 12 games, then missed two with a sprained toe. He played six more games before his foot soreness returned, and at that point the Thunder decided to shut him down for the season.

Dez Bryant turns 27 in November. They just signed him to a 5-year, $70 million contract in which he got $45 million guaranteed. It would be lunacy to rush him back. Thing is, by the time he returns – let’s say he misses six weeks (Eagles, Falcons, Saints, Patriots, bye, Giants), then he’d be slated to return at home against Seattle and Richard Sherman.

Yeah, that’s just who I want my big money receiver testing his foot against! The smarter move would be to wait an extra week and the layup game against Tampa. The Cowboys probably will be hovering around .500, and could afford that luxury of resting him an extra week.

Then again, if the Eagles are in cruise control, and Sam Bradford is healthy and playing well, and the division is slipping away – strangely, Dallas plays the Eagles and Giants four times in the first eight weeks – perhaps the Cowboys try to rush Bryant back.

Given what happened with Durant, it’d probably be best to play it safe with their handsomely paid receiver.