Dez Bryant Cowboys Deal: 5-years, $70 Million, $45 Million Guaranteed

By Jason McIntyre

Dez Bryant threatened the Cowboys with a holdout, and Dallas caved.

Months after losing the NFL’s leading rusher in DeMarco Murray, the Cowboys couldn’t go into the season without their leading receiver, too, so Wednesday they signed Dez Bryant to a 5-year, $70 million deal with a staggering $45 million guaranteed.

Bryant threw down the gauntlet on twitter Monday, and Dallas had 48 hours to respond. As strong as that offensive line is, the Cowboys were a controversial Bryant TD catch and a few minutes away from the NFC Championship game.

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To go into the 2015 season with 33-year old tight end Jason Witten as your No. 1 offensive option would not have worked out well. Bryant, 26, has been one of the NFL’s best receivers for the last three years. His totals are staggering: 273 receptions, 3,935 yards and 41 touchdowns.

And now, Dallas waits. It hopes Bryant can keep a level head after getting paid. It hopes Bryant can stay out of trouble – even his dustups and rumors make headlines – and continue his domination on the field. The lucrative deal was a risk – but a risk the Cowboys had to take.

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