DeVonta Smith Is Six Feet Tall and Then Some

Tall. / Alika Jenner/Getty Images

DeVonta Smith's size is a major NFL Draft talking point this year. The Heisman winner is incredibly talented and no one denies that, but is he big enough to play professional football and not be seriously hurt by the monsters that comprise most NFL defenses? Smith was officially measured at the combine in Indianapolis and we now know exactly how big he is.

Let's see. 166 pounds. We can change his diet. He can put on weight. That's easy. But what about that height?

Is 6-feet tall too short? Is 6-foot-0.2 tall enough?

Wait, "0.2?"


He's... six feet and a fifth of an inch? He's more than an eighth of an inch over six feet, but less than a quarter? Has anyone in America ever seen a tape measure with a fifth on it? Combine heights are always taken to the eighth - even if the fraction can be reduced. I can understand a sixteenth. Or a thirty-secondth if you want to get really precise, but 0.2? What in the digital Hell is that? Was he 6-feet tall and then they switched to the metric system for the top of his hair?

Is this meant to confuse people? Make him seem taller? Shorter? Who leaked this and what was their motivation?