The Detroit Pistons Stink

Jason Miller/GettyImages

Sportico just released a graphic showing the top 10 highest-paid coaches in U.S. sports and there's no real surprises. Bill Belichick is being compensated after building a legacy as arguably the greatest football mind ever so who cares that his current team is 2-9? Sean Payton had to be lured out of a cushy television job and he's put a quick end to all those jokes as the Denver Broncos suddenly look like a playoff team. Gregg Popovich is a serial winner and has been entrusted with Victor Wembanyama. Pete Carroll has reached the pinnacle in both the college and pro game. Sean McVay was once considered the greatest wonderkind before Mike McDaniel and his capri swearpants showed up on scene. Kyle Shanahan could make the Super Bowl with Uncle Rico under center.

And then seventh is Monty Williams, who was given a $13.1/year contract by the Detroit Pistons and has only managed to win two out of his first 17 games with the organization. Last night they squandered a rare opportunity to beat a similarly dysfunctional Washington Wizards side and got their doors blown off. There are tire fires and then there's whatever the hell is going on with the Pistons.

Detroit will not play another team with a losing record until Dec. 21 when the Utah Jazz swing into town. There's a very real chance they enter that game at 2-23. There's a slim chance that the Lions win more regular-season games than their neighbors up the street.

And yeah, it's not fair to expect immediate success from Williams. It will take some time to figure things out. At the same time this franchise has been a complete non-entity for almost a decade and a half. They've made the playoffs just three times since Barack Obama took office and haven't won a single game in any of them. Draft after draft has come and gone and outside of Cade Cunningham — who is being completely wasted right now — precious little has come of it.

As a fan this is nothing more than unproductive venting session but it's also unbelievable to see the product night after night with the knowledge the person in charge makes more than Mike Tomlin, John Harbaugh, Nick Saban and hundreds of other more successful coaches.