Detroit Lions Fans Already Hiding Their Faces Again During Blowout Loss in Baltimore

Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens
Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens took a 28-0 lead into halftime against the Detroit Lions in Week 7. It's apparently the largest ever halftime deficit a team has faced with the best record this late in the season in NFL history. It's the exact kind of statistic that would make perfect sense to Lions fans after the last few decades.

Still, things were different. The 2023 Detroit Lions started the season 5-1. Their fans have come out of hiding across the country and flooded opposing stadiums. It's exactly what happened in Baltimore today. There wasn't much to get excited about, but at least one guy tried.

As halftime got closer the Fox broadcast tried to focus on the more optimistic Lions fans in attendance. Like this little girl who was clapping her heart out down 28 at the two-minute warning.

Unfortunately, by the time halftime rolled around the team had turned back into pumpkins and the fans started to hide their faces in shame. Again.

Not like this. Stephen A. Smith just called them the best team in the NFL a few days ago. Now they're out here getting destroyed by Lamar Jackson like it's... any other year.

Lions fans would be advised to remember that it's a long season and sometimes even good teams look bad. Besides, the Ravens, with a healthy Lamar Jackson, certainly contain the ability to be good.