Details of Tyreek Hill Lawsuit Are Crazy

Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Like many of you I received a push notification from several of my various sports news apps telling me Tyreek Hill was getting sued. And, presumably like many of you, I basically ignored it. Professional athletes are easy targets for such things because of their fame and fortune and it is very rare that they're ever getting sued for anything interesting. As much as fans love to pocket-watch pro athletes it remains extremely boring to read about them getting sued over their finances.

However, as more details have emerged, it has become clear this Hill lawsuit is not your average professional athlete lawsuit. It is, in fact, borderline insane.

The Miami Dolphins All-Pro wide receiver is being sued by a British social media influencer named Sophie Hall who alleges he broke her leg during backyard football drills in Miami last summer. Already a hodgepodge of words you were not expecting to read today and certainly not in relation to Tyreek Hill. But it gets wilder.

Hall says she signed her son up for one of Hill's football camps and he invited her to come hang out at his house early before camp began. Then here's what she says happened, according to the lawsuit TMZ got ahold of:

Hall claims after she made her way to Hill's home, he asked her to participate in some football drills during a training session he was having in his backyard. Hill allegedly asked her to rush against him in a defensive line vs. offensive line, 1-on-1 style workout. According to Hall, she shoved the Super Bowl champion backward, which caused him to be embarrassed.

"Mr. Hill's attitude changed and he became angry," Hall said in her suit.

Hall alleges Hill then flipped the drill around so he could rush against her. And, after a couple reps, she said Hill "charged into her violently and with great force" ... 'causing her to suffer a right leg injury.

Hall says she complained that she was hurt ... but claims Hill has downplayed the severity of her injury, telling her to just rest on a bed and ice the leg.

This is something out of a sitcom, man. The skinny but all-world receiver allegedly gets pushed off his spot during a fake drill in his backyard and gets so mad about it he busts out the professional pass-rushing moves and breaks her leg? And then tells her to just put some ice on it?? Ridiculous stuff. It sounds like a scrapped episode of Ballers.

Time will tell if these accusations have any weight to them, but what an insane story for an NFL receiver to be linked to.