Details of Shohei Ohtani Gambling Scandal Are Nuts

Shohei Ohtani
Shohei Ohtani / Chung Sung-Jun/GettyImages

On Thursday, federal prosecutors held a press conference releasing more details concerning the Shohei Ohtani gambling scandal that struck Major League Baseball like lightning a few weeks ago. And boy, oh, boy reader. They are something.

It was revealed that Ohtani's translator, Ippei Mizuhara, stole $16 million from the international superstar to use for gambling. He also, apparently, never bet on baseball games. Additionally, documents revealed Mizuhara appeared to incriminate himself in a text message to a bookie.

What's more, a complete breakdown of Mizuhara's winnings and losses were documented. He placed roughly 19,000 wagers over the course of three years. It turns out he was not very good and his betting career ended with a net negative of $40.7 million.

So this guy didn't just steal money. He stole a lot of money. A borderline unbelievable amount of money considering Ohtani somehow did not notice. It begs the question of if Ohtani has too much money, because if he didn't miss $16 million freaking dollars, just how much did he have sitting around.

Mizuhara apparently didn't bet on baseball, which is a big sigh of relief for MLB. That would have further entwined Ohtani's name in the scandal and called into question integrity of the game and all that. This isn't necessarily new information, as previous reports suggested he gambled mostly on international soccer and "other sports." That said, it does conjure quite the visual of Shohei Ohtani's interpreter acting like Howard Ratner asking for Celtics opening tip and the Garnett over on rebounds and points. Repeat it back to me!

Mizuhara was apparently aware of the fact that he wasn't the best gambler and said as much to the bookie.

Just insane stuff all around. This isn't supposed to happen in this day and age. How Mizuhara managed to get around all the checks and balances required to withdraw millions of dollars is impossible to understand. He used an illegal bookie instead of just placing bets whenever Ohtani's team traveled to a FanDuel-approved state. And all the while Ohtani had no idea what was happening! It's something out of an old parable about the dangers of sports gambling.

A crazy story that's getting crazier with every new detail that emerges.