Deshaun Watson Tweets His Level of Anger With the Texans Is at a 10

Deshaun Watson, Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Deshaun Watson, Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Deshaun Watson is now openly showing how angry he is with the Houston Texans. The 25-year-old quarterback broke his silence on Friday in a tweet that seemed to confirm Adam Schefter's report that he's furious with his franchise.

Watson is reportedly angry the Texans didn't follow through with their promise to listen to advice and recommendations from him for how to proceed moving forward. Owner Cal McNair hired new general manager Nick Caserio after essentially ignoring Watson's input. That isn't sitting well with the quarterback.

Here's what Schefter reported earlier in the week about Watson's anger level:

Schefter said Watson's anger was at a "two" when the Texans traded DeAndre Hopkins last year and he's at a "10" now. It seems the quarterback has now confirmed that report:

This is all coming in the wake of McNair publicly apologizing for how he handled Caserio's hiring, and former Texans great Andre Johnson essentially advising Watson to get out of town.

So here's where we're at: Watson is easily the most important player Houston has and he's furious with the franchise. He'll likely push for a trade unless this relationship is mended in short order. The Texans have spent the last few seasons dismantling what was once one of the NFL's best rosters and seemingly angering every key player on the roster. Watson is just the latest.

Hopkins, J.J. Watt and Watson were supposed to be the core of a championship-contender and now it's looking like all three will soon be gone. The fault all falls on McNair, who went all-in on Bill O'Brien and former team chaplain Jack Easterby for reasons no one seems to understand.

It might be time for Houston to trade Watson and just hit the reset button.