Deshaun Watson Trade Won't Happen Until Next Offseason

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Last January, Deshaun Watson let it be known that he is done with the Houston Texans and wants a trade. Several months later, nearly two dozen women accused him of sexual assault and filed civil suits. Ever since, the Watson discourse has been split between focusing on the horrible accusations levied against the star quarterback and trade rumors about which team will decide the baggage is worth the talent.

From Week 1 on, those trade rumors have primarily centered around the Miami Dolphins, stuck in limbo with no clear direction forward and legitimate questions about Tua Tagovailoa's future as a franchise quarterback. Two weeks ago, reports sprung up that Miami was very close to a deal with Houston for Watson despite the lack of resolution on the lawsuit front.

The NFL trade deadline takes place today and Adam Schefter reports there will be no deal for Watson's services, all that noise aside.

That means Watson will be on the Texans' roster until next offseason at least.

This was always the most likely outcome. All reports out of Houston suggest the Texans want top dollar for the quarterback regardless of his circumstances, meaning multiple high draft picks to start. It's far too much of an investment for somebody who may not even be able to play, depending on the outcome of the lawsuits and if they stray into criminal territory as opposed to just civil. There's also the whole moral aspect to trading for a quarterback with these kinds of public accusations but that has never stopped football teams before.

Watson will continue to hang out in Houston, separated from the team, taking up a roster spot while doing absolutely nothing.