Deshaun Watson to Eagles Trade Rumor More Absurd With Each Tweet

Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp
Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

NFL training camps are in full swing across the country and the Hall of Fame Game is tonight, which means we're just a few short weeks away from the actual regular season. If you were going to make a big move, you would want to do it as soon as possible because the clock is ticking and players are already going down with injuries. So it's no surprise that there are rumors out there. What should be surprising is that. even though there isno way a team would actually trade for Deshaun Watson with dozens of sexual assault allegations hanging over his head, there's a Deshaun Watson trade rumor. Specifically, involving the Philadelphia Eagles.

CBS Sports' Chris Trapasso tweeted that a source told him that "talks are heating up" between the Eagles and Texans. He does mention some "hurdles," but insists both teams are trying to get it done. I'm sure the Texans would love to get a deal done, but the idea that the Eagles - or any team - would trade for Watson right now remains absurd, even if Adam Schefter did originally float this trade a few weeks ago.

Early this morning Mike Florio rebutted the rumor saying talks are not heating up.

Undeterred, longtime sports radio host Dan Sileo came out later this morning with specifics for the deal. According to Sileo the Eagles offered two first round picks and the 10th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Heisman winning wide reciever, DeVonta Smith. Sileo followed that up with a tweet about Rusty Hardin thinking cases wouldn't even be heard until the Spring.

Everything about this makes zero sense. There's the Eagles trading Smith instead of Jalen Hurts to bring in another QB, which would both completely sink Hurts' value and leave Watson without a very important weapon. But the best part is the idea that a team would trade for Watson because he wouldn't go on trial until after this season. The only thing missing was confident statement from someone suggesting the trials could also be wrapped up by training camp next year.