Deshaun Watson and Allen Robinson Would Look Good in Gang Green

Allen Robinson.
Allen Robinson. / Leon Halip/Getty Images

The New York Jets, much to your surprise I'm sure, are not too far from contending for a playoff spot. The only thing they need is an overhaul on offense, which is usually an impossible task in one offseason, but it's very much possible this year.

Deshaun Watson's discontentment in Houston is well founded. He wants out and the only way the Texans will let him leave is for a massive return of picks and/or assets. Lucky for the Jets, they have both and could swing a trade.

We'll get to how later, but the fact is Watson will needs help if he winds up in New York. Enter the top free agent wide receiver this offseason, Allen Robinson. On a Bears team alternating sub-par quarterbacks over the last two seasons, Robinson had more than 2,300 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns combined. He likewise wasn't happy with his situation and, as a free agent, is expected to leave for greener pastures. Yes, that was a pun because guess who has more than $65 million in available cap space in 2021? You guessed it, the New York Jets.

We've already seen what Watson can do with a true No. 1 receiver when he teamed up with DeAndre Hopkins for the latter's best seasons as pro. Combine Watson with Robinson on the Jets and you have yourself a legit one-two punch that would make the Jets offense 10 times more potent than it was in 2020.

Getting Watson will be the hardest part. But if the Jets trade the Texans the No. 2 and No. 34 picks in this year's draft, plus one of the two first-round picks they have next year, they'll at least be close to a deal. What it takes to get over the finish line might be another first-round pick or is anyone's guess. But the fact is, the Jets have never had success developing quarterbacks. This is their chance to trade for one who is already a bonafide star.

Of course, the Jets have many other positions to fill on offense, most notably at the running back and tight end positions and along the offensive line. Luckily, even if the Jets trade the No. 2 pick this year they still have the 23rd pick and two third-rounders. You can find value in both of those positions to bolster an offense that was by far the worst in 2020. They would also trade Sam Darnold in this situation and likely pick up another mid-round pick, so they'll have that going for them too, which is nice.

The Jets' secondary is also a mess, but I can't fix all their problems in one article. As mentioned, they have a lot of cap space and picks to plug holes. But they need a starting point and Watson and Robinson are just that. They're two of the best at their position in the NFL, are still young enough to get better and would provide a reason for other marquee players to want to join Gang Green now and in the future. For a fanbase devoid of much hope, Watson and Robinson would be the beacon of green light at the end of the tunnel.