Derrick Rose Returns to Knicks, Sorry He Didn't Call, Needed "Space"

Stephen Douglas

Derrick Rose was back with the New York Knicks today after unexpectedly missing work on Monday. The super team point guard denied any rift with the coaching staff, specifically coach Jeff Hornacek and said he had to tend to a family issue and be with his mother in Chicago.

Now obviously, we all hope that Rose’s mother and the rest of his family is alright. Family emergencies come up. People miss work. What remains unclear is why Rose couldn’t do so little as send a text saying he wasn’t going to be at Knicks’ game on Monday night.

A flight to Chicago is nearly 2 and a half hours long. The Knicks are paying Rose more than $21 million this season. It’s safe to assume he has the means to pay for in-flight wifi so he could send an iMessage or e-mail. Then there’s the drive to and from both airports which would allow ample time to make a quick phone call. Or answer one.

The Knicks have fined, but apparently decided against suspending Rose. That would make you think they bought his excuse, but it also sets quite a precedent for players wandering off without telling anyone in the middle of the season. It should also be noted that president Phil Jackson has yet to address the media. This certainly looks like another misstep to add to Phil’s long list while “in charge” of the Knicks.