Derek Jeter Rips Another Fun Thing Away from Marlins Fans

By nesbittandy1

Current Yankee great (thanks to that Giancarlo Stanton trade last December) Derek Jeter is also a part of owner of the Miami Marlins. Since taking the reins he’s made one thing clear – he doesn’t want fans to have anything to smile about this year.

If trading away the team’s best players wasn’t enough proof, there’s now this – the Marlins have put an end to the The Great Sea race. I know what you’re thinking right now – what the heck is this great sea race thingy?

Allow the Miami Herald to explain:

"As was first reported by radio host Andy Slater, the Marlins are canceling its midgame sea creature mascot race. The Great Sea race, as it was called, began in 2012 with the opening of the Marlins’ new ballpark and featured four mascots: Bob the Shark, Julio the Octopus, Angel the Stone Crab and Spike the Sea Dragon. In the middle of the sixth inning, the four creatures emerged from a gate in center field before racing down the warning track to left-field corner and then turning for the finish line at third base."

I know, I know. Crushing news for the 14 Marlins fans who will be attendance at home games this year.

And think about those poor mascots that now find themselves updating their LinkedIn accounts today. It’s never easy or a fun time when you’re kicked to the curb, no matter if you’re from the sea or the land.

Now, did I know this race thing happened at Marlins games? No, no I didn’t. Will I miss it? No, I just told you I didn’t know it even was a thing. And while the sober me can live without a mascot race at a game, the 6-7-beers-deep me can see the fun of suddenly having something to cheer about at a Marlins game.

Because who knows when that will happen next in South Florida.

But hey, there is some good news. Billy the Marlin will still be roaming around that large, empty stadium. But the guy in the costume (oops, spoiler alert – Billy the Marlin isn’t a real marlin) will be new to the job because Derek Jeter fired the previous guy.

Good times!