Derek Jeter Day Included Surprise Michael Jordan Appearance, Trip to Tuscany

By Mike Cardillo

The Yankees feted Derek Jeter with the creatively named “Derek Jeter Day” Sunday at Yankee Stadium. For reasons yet to be explained, the team decided to run the ceremonies concurrently with the opening Sunday of the new NFL season. The Yankees still have home games remaining, including a Sunday afternoon game vs. the Blue Jays on Sept. 21.

If you were too busy watching pregame shows you missed guest appearances from Michael Jordan, Cal Rikpen Jr. and Gerald Williams. The Yankees also gifted Jeter a luxurious trip to 10-day trip Tuscany just because, why not? The gifts kept coming in the form of a massage machine

According to former TBL staff/Yankee expert Tim Ryan, the only thing missing from the YES network’s coverage of the bid day was a live camera set up inside Alex Rodriguez’s living room to capture the moment he threw the remote when Jeter and Jordan hugged.

We now return to your regularly scheduled NFL Sunday.

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