Denver Nuggets are Selling a "White Pride" Hat


Coming up with official names for clothing is a tough job. That’s why the fake J. Peterman was so successful. His team ripped off winner after winner. The Himalayan Walking Shoe. The Urban Sombrero. It takes hard work and dedication to come up with something that appeals to the masses.

But you don’t have to be an expert in the field to know including the words “white pride” into your item’s description could have an adverse impact on sales. The Denver Nuggets are likely finding this out the hard way with the “Men’s Denver Nuggets adidas White Pride Slouch Adjustable Hat.”

Its existence isn’t anything to get worked up over. Maybe, just maybe we can have a light chuckle at the oversight and move on with our lives.

If not, then we can definitely all agree it’s a sharp design.