DeMarco Murray Using the Eagles as Leverage to Go Back to Dallas?

By Jason McIntyre

DeMarco Murray is en route to Philadelphia, with the “expectation” that the free agent running back will become an Eagle.

But is a deal imminent, or is it all a bluff?

So DeMarco Murray gets run into the ground by the Cowboys in the single greatest rushing season in franchise history, then they snub him when it comes to free agency, and now he meets with their division rivals after they sign his college QB? It’s all too perfect. Almost makes you wonder if this is Murray’s last ditch attempt to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and take him back?

Murray’s 27, and his window for earnings is dwindling, since running backs turn into pumpkins around 30. Why not just take whoever will pay him the most money? Winning or losing be damned, get the paper now, and at 30, see if you can go to a winner.

It all should be finalized today one way or another, but here’s a guess: Murray goes back to the Cowboys at $6 million a year. I’m not sure how he could want to go back to Dallas after this debacle, but as I said on the radio last week – it’s not personal, strictly business.

For fantasy football-driven Eagles fans who are begging for a big name to add to the offense: Philadelphia agreed to a deal with Ryan Matthews Wednesday … but nothing has been signed. If you recall last week, the Eagles agreed to a deal with Frank Gore … then he bolted to sign with the Colts.

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