DeMarco Murray Reportedly Getting $21 Million Guaranteed to Sign with Philadelphia Eagles


DeMarco Murray will be signing with the Philadelphia Eagles, according to Adam Schefter. And that deal will include $21 million in guaranteed money. (Albert Breer confirms that the financials are in place and it’s a matter of meeting with team in person today.) That’s a fair chunk of change for the running back, but still comes in at less than the guaranteed money that Buffalo gave LeSean McCoy when extending him after the recent trade. McCoy got a reported $26.5 million in guaranteed money.

Meanwhile, who would have thought that Dallas would be the club not willing to make a splash and overpay for a running back? There’s still time for the team to end up on the Adrian Peterson space in running back roulette and blow that away, but recently, Dallas has drafted a guard who bolstered the running game over grabbing Manziel headlines, and now let a back with over 2,000 yards from scrimmage reportedly walk to a rival.