Delaware 87ers? New D-League Team Name Almost as Catchy as Defunct Colorado 14ers

By Tim Ryan

Now stop what you’re doing and try saying “the Delaware 87ers” aloud. It’s about as smooth as Shawn Bradley running the point in a prom dress. Here’s the official reasoning behind the name, via the team’s press release:

The team name “87ers” was selected in recognition of Delaware’s place in United States history, as it was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution on December 7, 1787 … The 87ers team will also be nicknamed the “Sevens,” a nod to the way the parent club’s official name is often shortened to the “Sixers.”

Why not just call them the Delaware 12-7-1787’ers? It still hits that awkward note just as hard, yet it’s so much more unique.

The clunky team name immediately brought back memories of the fateful 2007 NBA D-League draft, when one magical moment delivered the realization that both the D-League draft was actually televised, and the league actually contained a franchise known as the Colorado 14ers.

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