'Saturday Night Live' Hilariously Addressed the Deion Sanders Situation


It was a real treat to hear Jac Collinsworth and Jason Garrett do promos for Saturday Night Live last night during Notre Dame's dismantling of USC and those who stuck around to watch Pete Davidson host were richly rewarded with some laughs in an episode that maintained a pretty solid fastball. One of the highlights was Keenan Thompson as Deion Sanders dropping by the Weekend Update desk to chop it up with Colin Jost. And really, it wouldn't have surprised anyone had the real Sanders flown to New York after blowing a 29-point lead in Boulder hours earlier to beat his chest, which was sort of the crux of the bit.

"We just keep winning, man," the fake Sanders said. "Every game, every minute, we winning at life."

"Well, you're also 4-3 so you have lost a few," Jost replied.

"Colin, look at me, man,” Thompson said. “What about me makes you think that I care about what you think about me? You don’t understand that my team has it all, man. Coaching? Genius.  Offense? Explosive. Defense? Trying. It’s a complete package, man."

Later on fake Prime defied Jost to name an undefeated team or any team that had fewer losses than the Buffaloes, an easy task that yielded some comedic repetition. And there was a flashback to that important cultural moment back in 1995 when the real Sanders hosted SNL.

Just going to say it: there was a little bit of Thompson's LaVar Ball in this portrayal, and that makes all the sense in the world.