DeAngelo Hall: Trent Williams Will Return to Washington Sooner Rather Than Later


DeAngelo Hall of the NFL Network is a former teammate of the Washington Redskins’ holdout left tackle, Trent Williams, so if anyone has the inside information on his contract situation, it’s Hall. Today he appeared on The Athletic’s ‘Hail to the Podcast’ and said that Williams could return to Washington sooner rather than later. This contradicts the reporting of NFL Network’s DeAngelo Hall, who last week said that Williams would not be returning to the team anytime soon.

Via 106.7 The Fan:

“We’re hearing from Trent’s side of things, rumors I heard coming out of Redskins Park that he was possibly gonna show up next week,” said Hawksworth. “And then we hear this from Bruce Allen. What’s your takeaway from this?”

“I heard those same reports, Erin, and I was kinda like, ‘Wow. He’s gonna show up, Trent?’ Let me know,” replied Hall. “I had to text him: ‘Hey bro, let me know before you show up so I can report it first.’ And so I reached out to him, and he’s like, ‘There’s zero chance I’ll be in that building next week.’

“And so I hear from some whispers that he might show up, and then I talk to him and he’s like, ‘Nah, I’m not showing up. We haven’t talked. We haven’t addressed the issues.'”

‘There’s zero chance I’ll be in that building next week.’

Now, there’s still a chance that Williams isn’t in the building this week. Maybe he can meet with the team on a conference call and not come in until Sunday which is technically the start of a new week on many calendars. Meanwhile, ESPN’s John Keim concurs. Via ESPN:

The Trent Williams holdout doesn’t appear closer to a resolution. Or, perhaps, one could come tomorrow if: One side budges; another team makes a strong offer. It’s at a stalemate; it remains fluid.

Doesn’t that sum up all contract negotiations? No agreement will ever be reached until it is reached and then it was always just an inevitability. Being an NFL insider sure seems like fun.