DeAngelo Hall and Brian Orakpo Are Miffed About Brandon Meriweather's Suspension

Ryan Glasspiegel

Brandon Meriweather has been suspended for the first two games of the NFL season after a helmet-to-helmet hit on Torrey Smith in Saturday’s preseason game. Though this was the Washington safety’s sixth similar offense since 2011, his teammates have his back.

Long snapper Nick Sundberg went there with Ray Rice:

Brian Orakpo wasn’t thrilled either:

DeAngelo Hall went with the never-played-the-game card:

Bleacher Report writer Michael Schottey thought that was a red herring, and Hall fired back at him:

While Hall would probably win that hypothetical fight, Troy Vincent, who announced Meriweather’s punishment, was an NFL defensive back for 15 seasons. Brandon Marshall, who was the recipient of a helmet-to-helmet blow from the Washington safety last season, said that there was “no place in the NFL” for a guy like Meriweather.

Given the pace at which these things happen, new rules emphases, and the unprecedented level at which quarterbacks are dialed in with their receivers, it must be nearly impossible to play defensive back in today’s NFL. Nevertheless, Meriweather has repeatedly proven himself to be the least adept in the league at abiding by player safety regulations.

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