DeAndre Hopkins Told Michael Irvin Bill O'Brien Made Inappropriate Allusions to Aaron Hernandez and Baby Mamas

Michael Irvin
Michael Irvin / James Gilbert/11iStock/Getty Images

One of the big winners from yesterday's Tom Brady news bonanza is Bill O'Brien. Had Brady held to radio silence for another day, the only thing to talk about on Tuesday would have been the terrible DeAndre Hopkins-David Johnson trade from Monday afternoon, and how bad O'Brien is at this whole general manager thing.

But the cycle always comes around eventually. On Wednesday, Michael Irvin went on Get Up and dropped some very surprising information about Hopkins' exit and the relationship between the All-Pro wideout and his head coach. Irvin called Hopkins after the trade went down to ask what happened, and Hopkins told him the following:

"[Hopkins] told me, he said, 'Michael, it was a bit of a power struggle there', because Coach O'Brien thought he had too much influence over the locker room. He called DeAndre Hopkins in a meeting to talk about this, to kind of just hash it out," said Irvin. "In that meeting, he started the meeting by telling DeAndre Hopkins this, and it blew my mind when he told me this, he told DeAndre Hopkins, 'The last time I had to have a meeting like this, it was with Aaron Hernandez.'"

Hernandez, of course, is a convicted murderer, and Hopkins has never been in trouble off the field. If this indeed happened, any comparison to Hernandez, even if it's within the parlance of how someone behaves as a member of a football team, is inappropriate.

"From there, the meeting just deteriorated," Irvin continued. "He got into talking about DeAndre Hopkins, and DeAndre Hopkins has a few kids from different women, and he told DeAndre he doesn't like that he has his 'baby mamas' around sometimes. From there, I think the relationship just went bad."

This is a shocking revelation from Irvin. There were rumors that O'Brien and Hopkins didn't get along, but nothing to this degree. How the franchise handles this new information will determine the near future of the team going forward.

UPDATE: Hopkins responded to the situation via his Twitter account later that morning.