Deadspin Is Publishing Content Again


Deadspin is publishing stories again. A new version of Deadspin, that is, which does not have the comments turned on. It's all very weird. Then again, there's no way to have a Lazarus Deadspin without some complicated emotions.

The first batch of content includes an exclusive interview with Eric Reid blasting the latest CBA proposal, a piece on the perils of a poker table during a pandemic, a guide to hating Duke even without a tournament, and a plea to let everyone into the playoffs when sports return.

In a post titled Good News! Deadspin Is Publishing Again. Bad News For Those Unhappy With That? None Of Us Have The Coronavirus Yet. new editor-in-chief Jim Rich writes that the relaunch was originally slated for next Monday, but was moved up due to "the news cycle — and the rapidly changing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic."

Congratulations to The Ringer's Press Box podcast for correctly predicting a Hate in the Time of Coronavirus headline, though they probably weren't expecting it to crop up on Deadspin.

Rich shared more details of the grand editorial plan:

"I’ve always believed in the maxim, “show, don’t tell,” so you won’t hear any grand pronouncements from me - our journalism will speak for itself. Right now, we are building our team as we go and expect to be at full force in the coming weeks/months. For the near future, you can expect good stuff from talented veterans Carron Phillips, Jesse Spector, and Sam Fels, as well as some big swings from up-and-comers like Donovan Dooley. You will also hear from highly respected contributors like Elizabeth Mitchell, Chuck Modiano, and others as we continue to evolve. "

Anything can happen but my money is not on former Deadspinners giving their seal of approval or loyal readers flocking to the revived site. And as someone tasked with operating a sports blog myself, I can confidently say the timing has never been better, what with sports canceled indefinitely and all.

Especially, if say, there's going to be focus on sticking to them.