Writer Who Defended Hitler on Twitter Fired By Seattle Times After One Column

Lenin statue in Seattle's  Fremont neighborhood, Washington...
Lenin statue in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood, Washington... / Wolfgang Kaehler/GettyImages

The Seattle Times has fired recently-hired columnist David Volodzko after he wrote one piece for the paper. Volodzko was a member of the Times' editorial board -- briefly -- and was let go on Thursday, a day after he tried to "well, actually" Adolf Hitler's track record of evil.

Here's the statement issued by the paper:

The paper's newest scribe wrote a column about the famous statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle and why it should be removed (it's on private property, FYI). After the column was published, he took to Twitter and claimed Hitler was less-evil than Lenin because, according to Volodzko, Hitler only targeted people he believed were harmful to society, while Lenin even targeted people he believed were not. Which -- you know what, let's not even get into a debate over that.

Here are two of his now-deleted tweets:

When someone pointed out how stupid that belief was, Volodzko attempted to further defend himself and things got worse:

The man wrote one column for the paper after being hired, then in record time defended Hitler's track record on Twitter. The speed at which it happened is simply incredible.

Some advice for all of our readers who plan to engage polite society, Rule No. 1: Never defend Hitler or attempt to minimize his level of evil.