David Price Tweets Outrage at the Sorry State of Tampa Attendance, Baseball Fans Divided


Ken Davidoff, a writer at Newsday, went with the “bad form for millionaires to rip non-millionaires” angle. Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe agreed with Price and said the Rays need a new market. ESPN’s Keith Law went as far to say that 28 other fan bases would have come through with a packed house (Law attempted to make a preemptive strike about those who will blame the economy by citing some stats). A radio yokel in Tampa blasted Price, Longoria and the national media, claiming of all things that the Rays could have clinched Sunday in front of 25,000.

Here’s what we’d ask our 17 readers in lovely Tampa: Did you miss Monday Night Football, How I Met Your Mother, and Gossip Girl all to sit through a Rays-Orioles game? Yeah, yeah, we know about the magical powers of Tivo, but it’s never fun to play catch-up all week (we’re behind on Sunday and Monday night TV because of good NFL games both nights). And with so many good movies out (we’ve seen the Town and Wall Street 2 in consecutive weeks; The Social Network is this weekend), you can easily find yourself a week behind on TV if you don’t divide your time wisely. It’s never fun to go on Facebook and find friends spoiling TV shows you missed because you went to a baseball game.

While we agree with Price and Longoria, the smart move for the thrifty fan would be to save your money for two rounds of playoff tickets, which can be expensive.

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