David Blaine is Flying Through the Air Via Helium Balloons

David Blaine soars
David Blaine soars /

David Blaine's newest... um... trick is quite something. The illusionist grabbed on to what appears to be quite a few helium balloons (he's also strapped onto them) and took off in Arizona on Wednesday morning. It's pretty awesome. I'm unsure how he's going to get down.

I'm not trying to come across as a hater or anything, but this isn't really a trick, is it? It's just him flying on balloons. Maybe the trick will be how he gets down, but this is like he watched Up one night and thought to himself, "I really ought to try that."

Colin Cowherd had an interesting point that could hint to the grand finale.

The year is 2020 and we've seen a man fly. I don't imagine this is exactly how our ancestors imagined it would happen, but it did. No need for fancy technology. Just a quick trip to Party City was needed.

UPDATE: I should not have doubted Blaine, who of course had a plan. He ended up parachuting safely into the ocean.