David Beckham Fact-Checking His Wife's Origin Story From Behind a Door Was Great


Perhaps like me you've walked into a room to discover someone in your home watching Beckham, the new Netflix docuseries about the soccer star-Spice Girl partnership and their influencer children. Perhaps you've also been delighted to learn that it's directed by Fisher Stevens, who we last saw on the outside looking in at the end of Succession.

If you'd like a partial review, I'm happy to report the first few episodes are definitely entertaining in the way only this genre can be, where suddenly 30 minutes have passed and you cannot argue that it was a pleasant thing to have on the television as one decompresses from the day.

The early highlight has to be David lurking behind a door, playing peanut gallery as Victoria tries to retcon her origin story as one that began in a working-class family. Because he wasn't having it and proved his point in classic husband fashion.

Won't spoil the payoff here but it lands hard.

Put this guy on television to fact-check politicians. He has a simple yet effective method.

Anyone who has ever been married knows that it consists of countless conversations where one party is partially blocked by a door and the other is wishing they simply weren't there. Great to finally see this represented in media.