Dave Gettleman Is a Moron for Taking Daniel Jones Over Dwayne Haskins Or Pass Rusher


Everything fell perfectly for the Giants on draft night. The Cardinals picked Kyler Murray No. 1, making Josh Rosen available for trade. The Raiders made a bonehead decision at 4, leaving more great players on the board. The Redskins didn’t trade up to grab a QB, making Dwayne Haskins still available when they went on the clock with the No. 6 pick. Top-rated defenders Ed Oliver and Josh Allen were also still around. And then the Giants, or more specifically GM Dave Gettleman, made the most atrocious decision since Jon Gruden two picks earlier.

He selected Duke QB, Daniel Jones. Are you kidding me?

Jones was projected as a second-round pick about two months ago. His arm strength is good-to-average. He was a three-year starter at Duke, but he never really took that next step up. He seems like a game manager more than a game changer. And for some reason, this is the man who Gettleman believes will lead them into the post-Eli era? That’s a joke.

If the Giants truly wanted to swing for the fences at QB with the No. 6 pick, they should have selected Haskins. At least he has massive upside. He only started one year at Ohio State. And in that year, he threw for 50 touchdowns. We know what Jones is. He’s not throwing 40 TDs in the NFL. Maybe Haskins can, maybe he can’t, but the fact that we don’t know makes his ceiling that much higher.

The Giants could have also started to rebuild their defense. Let’s not forget, the four Super Bowls they’ve won were predicated on great defenses, not offense. Sure, Eli made a few clutch throws. But Tom Brady was running for his life in those two Super Bowls. The same was true about the Giants other Super Bowl teams in 1986 and 1990. Or did they forget about Lawrence Taylor?

Gettleman passed on quarterbacks with higher upside in the draft last year, including Sam Darnold, who impressed with the Jets as a rookie. Now he’s planted his flag in the ground with…Daniel Jones? It was another idiotic move by Gettleman in an offseason filled with them, including only getting the 17th pick from the Browns in a trade for Odell Beckham.

Pack your bags Dave, because the train is leaving. It might not be this season, but it will be soon. Right about the time when Rosen, Haskins, Allen and Oliver are all crushing it for other NFL teams. That’s when you’ll get you ticket. It’s one way and it’s leaving New York.