Dave Gettleman Says Giants Do Everything With Class, Which Explains Fancy-Sounding 'Doctor Rodeo'

Dave Gettleman, looking classy.
Dave Gettleman, looking classy. / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman and assitant general manager Kevin Abrams had a press conference on Tuesday. While America is still dealing with a pandemic, it sounds like NFL free agency, which had to be done virtually last year, is getting back to normal. Here's how Gettleman described it. Via the Giants' website:

"We had them in here and it was an old school free agency. We got to talk, a chance to visit with them, they went out to dinner with various people in the organization, they were here a couple of nights, our doctors were able to put their hands on them. It was an old-fashioned free agency. [Head Athletic Trainer] Ronnie [Barnes] and Head Team Physician] Doctor [Scott] Rodeo felt very comfortable with us moving with the signing of those three guys."

Among those three guys was Kyle Rudolph, whose contract was in doubt for a time after a problem with his foot required surgery. It was a nothing but a bump in the road.

"We are the Giants, we're going to do everything with class. We had an agreement, Ronnie signed off on it, Doc Rodeo signed off on it, so we were fine."

First of all, every team should have a physician that sounds as cool as "Doc Rodeo. Or the more formal "Doctor Rodeo" which sounds like a name of a partner from Leo Spaceman's private practice. Tell me you can't hear Tracy Jordan saying, "Doctor Rodeo."

Second, I love the New York Giants considering themselves classy. Players should wear tophats on the sideline and Daniel Jones' accuracy might improve if he wore a monocole on the field. Perhaps this will be the year people tell Gettleman the Giants are the classiest bad team ever.