Davante Adams: It's an Adjustment Going From One Hall-of-Fame Quarterback To Another

Davante Adams and Derek Carr
Davante Adams and Derek Carr / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

A lot will be different for Davante Adams in 2022. He will be wearing a uniform other than Green Bay Packer green and yellow for the first time in his career. He'll be playing in a city that is horrifically hot most of the year instead of horrifically cold. Most importantly, he will be catching footballs from a perennial Pro Bowl candidate rather than a perennial MVP candidate as he moved on from Aaron Rodgers to Derek Carr.

We can acknowledge that's a downgrade without diminishing Carr's talents. He's fine. Good, even, on some Sundays. He is not Aaron Rodgers, widely considered to be the most physically talented QB to ever play in the NFL. But if you ask Adams, it's not a downgrade at all. Apparently. Yesterday he told CBS Sports that there will be a little bit of an adjustment going from one Hall of Fame quarterback to another.

Woah there, Davante. Let's pump the brakes.

Carr and Adams played at Fresno State together and appear to be good friends so it's of little surprise that Adams is gassing him up like this. But let's consider for a second that Adams is omniscient.

Through seven NFL seasons, Carr has three Pro Bowl selections. That's it for his accolades. He had one great season that was cut short by a broken leg. Otherwise he's had a bunch of middling seasons that usually end in a roughly .500 record and zero playoff wins. He's 31 years-old at this point. Carr would have to go on a seven-year tear the likes of which we've never seen in order to even enter the realm of discussion for a HoF nomination. We're talking multiple Super Bowl appearances, probably a record break or two, and at least one MVP.

That is unlikely, to say the least. But Carr should improve this year with all the Jon Gruden stuff behind the team and Adams back at his side.