Daryl Morey Continues to Win Hearts, Minds of Sixers Fans With Twitter Antics

Daryl Morey and Shane Battier
Daryl Morey and Shane Battier / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Daryl Morey's first year at the helm of the Philadelphia 76ers was successful, if not as successful as he hoped. They were dominant during the regular season and earned the top overall seed in the Eastern Conference. But a knee injury to Joel Embiid and the resurgence of Ben Simmons' shooting limitations led to an early exit in the second round of the playoffs.

None of that is Morey's fault, and Sixers fans would have a hard time blaming him considering how much fun he has on Twitter. Morey got himself fined by the NBA for tampering with a tongue-in-cheek tweet about Stephen and Seth Curry earlier in the playoffs and is generally far more active on the website than people in his position usually are.

Morey had another quality tweet today while responding to beat writer Keith Pompey's opinion piece on why The Process was a failure.

In case you need a refresher, Bryan Colangelo's time as president of basketball operations for the Sixers came to an end in part because of an investigative report published by The Ringer that suggested Colangelo or someone in his circle was using fake Twitter accounts to defend his actions. One of those accounts defended Colangelo's shirt collar. Per The Ringer:

Several posts wandered from organizational matters, debating the size of Colangelo’s shirt collars. When user @Philly_Asshole commented on the executive’s well-documented sartorial preference, “This dude just love collars,” Enoughunkownsources responded, “That is a normal collar. Move on, find a new slant.”

Clever, Morey. Very clever. It's tough to dislike the guy, in all honesty.

Of course, fans deal in wins as currency, not funny Twitter jokes. Their tunes may change if the Sixers turn in another disappointing season in 2021-22.