Darren Woodson Leaving ESPN to Focus on Real Estate Business


Darren Woodson has had a very solid run at ESPN over the last 14 years. Now, it’s coming to an end. Woodson announced on Twitter he was leaving his position at the network in order to focus on his commercial real estate business based in Texas.

The real estate business he is leaving ESPN to cultivate is called ESRP, and its Twitter bio describes the company as a “premier commercial real estate services company representing global clients.”

Woodson was one of the first former player-turned-analyst that have become oh-so-popular across major sports networks over the last few seasons. He has made his mark over his 14-year career at ESPN, and will be missed. He provided decent analysis and was a consistent presence on most ESPN football shows over the years, a friendly and familiar face in the midst of an ever-rotating cast. Woodson will no doubt succeed in the next step of his life, as he has at every other point in his career.

Maybe now he’ll finally get elected into the Hall of Fame. It’s been long enough.