Darren Sproles Moves to Chip Kelly's Offense, So His Wife Does Not Have to Worry Anymore


Darren Sproles’ wife was not happy about her husband being traded rather than released. He could have gone to a bad situation with an offense ill-suited for him. In the end, though, things worked out just as God *bleeping* planned it. If you are going to go from one offense to another as an undersized, quick, top tier receiving back, moving on to Chip Kelly’s offense is about as good as it gets.

The Eagles still have Bryce Brown behind LeSean McCoy as the true backup at running back for traditional back duties. Expect Sproles to be used in a variety of situations as a receiver out of the backfield and lined up wide (a role less suited for Brown), and continue his production on limited touches, with the Eagles getting him the ball 5 to 6 times a game.

Sproles has had more receiving yards than rushing yards for six straight seasons, (the only player to have six straight with at least 200 rushing yards and more receiving than rushing, as players like Ronnie Harmon didn’t quite qualify) and that should not change here.