Darren Sharper: Testimony from a Hearing Reveals Disturbing Text Messages: "She's on the potion. She's ready"

By Jason McIntyre

"And what did those other NFL players call the drinks mixed with a “substance,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Miller asked [FBI Special Agent Robert] Blythe. “I believe Mr. Licciardi called it ‘horny juice,'” Blythe replied. Licciardi was concerned that investigators might find incriminating text messages on his phone, Blythe testified, including a message in which Sharper allegedly referred to drugging a victim. “She’s on the potion. She’s ready,” Sharper wrote in a text, Blythe said."

Sharper, according to authorities, may have drugged and raped multiple women in several states.

There are also allegations that Sharper was a heavy gambler, losing as much as $25,000 to “Russians” in California. [via NOLA.com]

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