Darren Rovell Got All Worked Up Over a USA Today Photograph

AWXI - Day 4
AWXI - Day 4 / Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

In news that is not entirely surprising, Darren Rovell got worked up on Twitter last night over a photograph.

Rovell tweeted two pictures of the seats at Staples Center ahead of the first Lakers game following the Kobe Bryant tragedy. Rovell did not take the photo, and credited the USA Today photographer who did, Sandy Hooper. Hooper told him, in no uncertain terms, that if he wanted to use their pictures, he should subscribe to the service or simply retweet Hooper. Rovell did not take kindly to this suggestion. Here's the initial tweet and following exchange:

Rovell did eventually take the tweet down, but didn't miss the opportunity to let Hooper know about it.

Rovell was not done, continuing his campaign over the perceived slight by pointing out to Hooper that plenty of other people were using the photo.

Darren Rovell on another meaningless Twitter crusade? Say it ain't so.