Darren Rovell a "Weirdo," Per Detroit Lions Receiver Marvin Jones

Kyle Koster

Detroit Lions wide receiver Marvin Jones is opening a cake shop with his wife in Troy, Mich. It’s part of the Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise (clever). He tweeted a photo of the location on Wednesday afternoon.

Hey, something positive on the internet. Don’t see that everyday.

ESPN’s sports business reporter Darren Rovell used the post as a springboard to drop some facts about the franchisor game.

This, too, seemed fairly innocuous. That did not stop Jones from taking exception. He read it as Rovell implying the wideout was not making an investment capable of maximum return.

Hashtag weirdo is a pretty devastating insult for someone who refuses to work blue. Rovell clarified the purpose of his original comment, though detente was not reached.

Love the discourse on Twitter.com. Cherish it.