Danny Trevathan Was Not Happy About Jason Witten Repeatedly Mispronouncing His Name


Danny Trevathan was a big part of the Chicago Bears’ defense suffocating Russell Wilson, as he had a sack and forced fumble late in the game. Trevathan has also been in the NFL since 2012. He was not happy late last night after returning home after a big Monday Night Football victory to find out that Jason Witten seemed to think his last name is pronounced “Tre-vath-i-an.”

Trevathan and Witten last faced off directly in 2013 when the Broncos and Cowboys played in a shootout. I hope that this is a long-standing thing where Witten was talking smack to him that day by mis-pronouncing his name.

So far, Jason Witten has been very much a work in progress as a rookie broadcaster and hasn’t made the quick and seamless transition like his former teammate Tony Romo. He did seem a little more engaged this week, with fewer long, uncomfortable gaps where it seems he should be interjecting. He also decided to go to a Good Will Hunting reference about like apples on a touchdown catch by Tyler Lockett. I know that seems weird, but I finally realized he’s going really meta by referencing the Little Apple of Manhattan, Kansas, where Lockett played in college–maybe.

I expect that Witten is going to be a topic of conversation over the next month as his primetime performances draw more attention, and this won’t be the last public criticism by a player.