NFL Owners Might Force Daniel Snyder to Sell Washington Commanders Sooner Than Later

Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Earlier this month, Daniel Snyder revealed the new name of his football franchise, going from the Washington Football Team to the Washington Commanders. He may not be around to enjoy the new branding much longer. In the wake of the Congressional hearings, in which a former employee accused Snyder of sexual harassment, that led to the NFL launching yet another investigation into Snyder's organization and the culture within, Mike Florio reports there is a growing sense among NFL owners that it may be time for Snyder to move on.

Earlier on Super Bowl Sunday, Florio penned a piece explaining that he confirmed a previous report from 106.7 The Fan that, if the NFL had requested a written report from Beth Wilkerson after the first investigation into the workplace culture in Washington, she would have recommended for the NFL to force Snyder to sell the team. Per Pro Football Talk:

Rampant allegations of sexual harassment and other workplace misconduct in the Washington Commanders organization resulted in a 10-month investigation conduced by attorney Beth Wilkinson. The league imposed sanctions on July 1. But the league refused to make the findings public.

As we now know, the league didn’t even request a written report from Wilkinson. I’m told that, as reported at the time by 106.7 The Fan after the station obtained a copy of a document that was never actually submitted to the NFL, if Wilkinson had been asked to submit a report, the report would have recommended that owner Daniel Snyder be forced to sell the team.

Florio then went on TV and explained why Snyder might be out sooner rather than later.

The wheels turn slowly within the NFL when it comes to subjects that cast a poor light upon the league, but Snyder may not give them any choice but to move quickly. They won't be able to get away with not having a written report for the newest investigation into Washington's workplace practices. The spotlight is now shining directly upon Snyder and the grimy operation he's apparently run for nearly three decades.

Last week, Roger Goodell confirmed that owners could force one of their own to sell their team. That contingency is obviously rare, but each passing day makes it feel more and more likely Snyder's counterparts will pull that emergency lever and force him out. Florio's reporting only supports that.