Dana White Says the UFC Has Surveillance on a Suspected Illegal Streamer's House and Phone

Dana White at the 2020 RNC.
Dana White at the 2020 RNC. / Handout/Getty Images

The UFC is looking to crack down on piracy on the the most expensive card in UFC history this Saturday. With the UFC and ESPN teaming up to jack the permanent price of pay-per-views to $69.99 plus the price of an ESPN+ subscription during a pandemic, illegal streams are a major concern. That's why UFC president Dana White is looking to make an example out of a streamer this weekend. He first gave some details at a press conference on Thursday.

"We're watching this guy right now. All you have to do is turn it on on Saturday and we got you, f-cker."

White later clarified that comment in an interview with BT Sport. Here's a clip.

"We’re watching his house, we’re listening to his phone conversations, and if he puts it up on Saturday, we got him."

It sure sounds like the UFC has a surveillance team set up with an illegal wire tap, but to White's credit, they did stop short of that and are apparently working with the authorities. Via MMA Junkie:

"A high-ranking UFC official with knowledge of the situation told MMA Junkie that the promotion has been working with federal authorities to catch the suspected illegal streaming host. The official, familiar with the UFC’s thinking, indicated the promotion is looking to make this person an example."

No matter which authorities are involved, you might want to look out your window and check for an ice cream truck with a very burly driver who is just sitting there in the middle of the winter, not selling ice cream. Also, check available WiFI networks on your phone. If you see one that say UFC SURVEILLANCE VAN, do NOT stream this weekend's UFC event.