Dana White Furious His Quotes About UFC Fighter Pay Were Aggregated

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Dana White recently did a "goofy, fun GQ f—ng interview" (his words) where he was asked why people were so concerned about how much fighters make. The UFC president and godking (my words) said, "It’s never gonna happen while I’m here. Believe me, these guys get paid what they’re supposed to get paid." He did. He typed it out and everything. Many outlets, including ESPN and The Big Lead, picked up the quote. Dana White was not happy.

Yahoo!'s Kevin Iole asked White about his comments. You'll be shocked to learn that White did not appreciate his quote getting picked up.

“You’re gonna watch a fun, ‘Haha’ GQ f—ng Q&A and write a story off it? You’re a piece of sh-t. You’re a piece of sh-t f—ng journalist. 

“You’re a piece of sh-t f—ng journalist because if that’s the question you wanted to ask… if you had a question about that, then f—ng call me and ask me. Because that’s not what it meant. 

“You’re a typical scumbag piece of sh-t f—ng journalist if you write a story off of some goofy, fun GQ f—ng interview, and you write a serious f—ng pay story about it? F—k you! F—k you, and you should never f—ng be able to write for anybody ever again."

Beyond parody. We already knew that White did not like the media (unless they patiently awaited permission to promote fights for him), but to go after aggregators, well that's a step too far. People who take other people's quotes and credit where they found them (Yahoo! via Bloody Elbow) are real salt of the earth types. Good people. Just because you share a goofy fun quote from Dana White doesn't mean you're a scumbag piece of sh-t f--king journalist. In fact, those people are actually kind of cool. And you can aggregate that.